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    Three friends and I are planning on travelling from Miami - LA in a standard sized motorhome for 4 weeks in January 2010. We're Australian 21 year olds so haven't had any experience in RVs before, but read a bit about it and got some reasonable quotes on vehicles so have decided to go ahead.

    Not sure why we've picked this route, and it still is up for alteration, but as we're going in the winter we wanted to stick to the warmer areas. Mainly, we'd like to make sure we go to the Grand Canyon, Vegas, detour past San Fran before finishing in LA.

    Any tips/advice/suggestions? We're really looking to establish at route at this stage. We do have 4 weeks and are only travelling the one way. What should we make sure we see on our trip? Are driving RVs relatively easy or not? Should we expect to see snow on the road at all? Anything we should be warned about?

    Thanks in advance for any advice!!


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    So far, all you've got is a starting point, a destination and a time frame. The good/bad news is that your timeframe is substantial enough that you can see most of the U.S. during it. Unfortunately that means that we can't really offer you advice on what to see, there's just too much. Right now, the best thing that you and your friends can do is sit down with a good map of the U.S. decide what kind of trip you want, and start marking the places you really want to see. Once you have your 'must sees' set, start looking at the roads and smaller venues in between - there is so much more to see than just a few major tourist places. It's only then that we can be of help with some knowledge of general RoadTrip timeframes and specific suggestions.

    As far as your current questions go, yes, you can run into snow in January. That will in part depend on how far north you go, but also on how high in elevation you go and the vagaries of the weather. But certainly you should be prepared for it, and in an RV that basically means having a few days to spare so that you can sit out a storm or two, or detour around a closed mountain road. While we're on the subject of the RV, it might be very expensive to rent such a vehicle for a one-way trip over a month with 4 underage drivers, so I'd make sure that you know all the costs (including additional/underage driver surcharges, insurance fees, cost/mile, drop-off fees, and expected fuel costs before you commit to that form of transport.


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    Default Florida Pan Handle and Gulf Coast

    Hard to beat all that white sand along this stretch. We especially like Panama City Beach, Destin, and Gulf Shores. Mobile has a lot of history.

    Foley, Alabama, is a short way north of the coast and you definitely want to have a meal at Lambert's Cafe, "Home of the Throwed Rolls." Quite an experience.

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