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  1. Default Spring Break Road Trip from Indiana to ???

    A couple friends and I would like to plan a Spring Break road trip. We will be starting from Indiana and are thinking we'd like to end up in Illinois, Ohio, or Kentucky- probably at an amusement park. We won't have a huge cash resource, so we'd like to keep it somewhat inexpensive. We're willing to camp along the way and we'd like to stop at some cool places on our journey. Any ideas as to where we should end up and/or where we could stop on the way?

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    Default pretty broad

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    The biggest amusement parks in the area you are talking about that I can think of are Cedar Point west of Cleveland and Six Flags Great America north of Chicago. The problem with both of these places is that they are seasonal operations, and its quite likely they will not be open yet during your spring break.

    When exactly is your spring break? If you're talking about mid-march, it will also likely be quite cool if not down right cold for camping. Unless you are experienced and have the gear for winter camping, this may not be a good option for you during this trip.

    Temperature wise, you might look at heading a bit more south, but really the destination is kind of a big thing and there are so many options, that you really need to come up with that on your own.

  3. Default Sorry- just getting this idea started, we want lots of time to plan and get ready.

    Our Spring Break is the 15th through the 21st. I hadn't even thought about the temperature. lol We do have camping experience. Usually in the summer, but that's normally been to the mountains, so it could get pretty cold at night. We wouldn't go unprepared, that's for sure. We were considering Cedar Point as a destination, but if there is anywhere cool that is further south, then we'd be willing to look into it.

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    Cedar Point does not open till mid-May. If you want an amusement park, you will have to go south - WAY south - think Florida.

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    Maybe the Garden of the Gods in Southern Illinois?? Looks like a neat place!

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    Default City Attractions

    Maybe do the city attractions?

    Louisville Slugger Museum
    Mammoth Cave
    Newport Aquarium
    Cincinnati Zoo
    Rock N Roll Hall of Fame
    Indianapolis Motor Speedway
    Brown County (Nashville) Indiana
    Chicago's many attractions

    This would easily fill much more than a week. Short drives if you plan it right.

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