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  1. Default San Francisco to Las Vegas - help with a route please!?!


    I am currently planning a 40th Birthday road trip for my husband for next July and need some help with my route between SF and LV - sorry I know this question gets asked all the time!!

    We have 14 nights and are thinking of the following itinerary:

    1st July - Land in San Francisco late afternoon their time
    2nd - 5th July - 4 full days in San Francisco as there is so much we want to see and do day trip to Napa / Sonoma etc
    6th - 10th July - Pick up car and make our way to Las Vegas
    10th July - Arrive in Las Vegas (Birthday on 11th)
    11th - 15th July - Las Vegas

    The bit I need help with is the journey from SF to LV. So far we want to see Carmel/Monterey, drive the Big Sur road, Yosemite / Death Valley - my questions are is this realistic in four days? What route should we take and how long should we stay in various stops? Are there any other places we can take in on route?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Default full

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Well, the logical way to hit all of those places would be to go down the coast to about Cambria, then go back up to Yosemite, across Tioga Pass, and through Death Valley.

    That's quite a lot to do in 4 days, and considering the amount of time you are spending each in SF and LV, I suspect its probably going to require a pace that is faster that you are looking for. In that case, you'll have to decide if you want to spend a little less time in the cities, or make a choice between the coast and Yosemite.

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    I think you could do it, getting an early start on the 6th and arriving in LV the evening of the 10th. Pick up your car the evening before.

    Plan on spending a night in the Monterey area, then Cambria. Prebook a Hearst Castle tour between Monterey and Cambria. Drive to Yosemite and spend a night there and a night in someplace like Lee Vining or Mammoth Lakes. Get an early start and you can make it to LV through DV in one day, July is blazing hot in DV and you may be better off doing your sightseeing through your windshield anyway.

  4. Default Thanks!

    Thank you both for taking the time to respond! I will have a look at places to stay and route maps for your suggestions and might be back with more questions!

    Thanks again!

  5. Default Yosemite to Vegas - where's a good stop in between?


    I posted a previous question about my road trip next July and it was suggested that we stay in Mammoth Lakes / Lee Vining in between Yosemite and Vegas.

    However, I was looking for somewhere most inbetween Yosemite and Vegas and wondered if there were any other suggestions? Would Sequoia National Park be an option?

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    Yes, but that would have you going down the west side of the Sierras to Bakersfield to get to Las Vegas, and you won't have time to go to Death Valley.

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    Default Depends on How Much Driving You Want to Do

    As was previously noted, you are trying to squeeze quite a bit of sightseeing into just a few days. The recommendations you were given would help you make the most of the time you have available. You could spend the night between Yosemite and Las Vegas in Sequoia, but at a considerable cost. There is no way across the Sierra Nevada from Sequoia except to circle back west, all the way south through Bakersfield and then east and north to Las Vegas. That one day drive is as long as the entire drive from Yosemite to Las Vegas over Tioga Pass.


  8. Default Thanks!

    Thanks for the responses, any other suggestions for stops on a more direct route between Yosemite and Vegas? Thanks

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    Default whats your route

    As has already been explained, You really have two choices for your route, and you need to figure out which way you are going to go.

    Either you are going to go over Tioga Pass, leaving one of the towns along US-395 like Mammoth or Lee Vining, as a logical option, or you are going to go around via Bakersfield area - where Bakersfield or the Lake Isabella areas would be about halfway. However, that assumes you aren't stopping at Sequoia, which would pretty much require you to stop somewhere not too far out of Sequoia (Like Exeter or Porterville) and then make a very full day drive onto Vegas, skipping Death Valley.

    You really don't have many other options, and only you can decide which of those fits better with your own goals.

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    Ok, thanks. I sense I am frustrating people with my questions! Apologies but this is all new to me!!

    It just seemed to me that there must be somewhere scenic on route somewhere half way between Yosemite and Las Vegas which takes in Death Valley that would break up the driving.

    I had read about staying at Furnace Creek Ranch but that's only two hours from Las Vegas so thought there must be somewhere before that to stay.

    Thanks for all your help.

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