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    Default are frauds!

    Dear forum visitors,

    Since the last 3 years has the website created numerous victims, but no-one has mentioned it on this board, I'd like to post this warning. Don't fall for this scam!

    The website operates as follows: you make a reservation, the give two dates to make the deposit. Once this total amount is paid, they'll stop responding to emails. That leaves the client with a big loss of money, no pick-up address and their vacation practically ruined before it even started.

    Motorhomereservation does not have a telephone number, so that should already ring a bell. The address on their invoice that claims that they reside in Vancouver, is false.

    The Canadian Bureau of Better Business and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police confirm that this site is fraudulant, but they don't know what to do.

    The website is hosted by a company in Houston. If you call them, they give you an email address to write to, but afterwards: no reply.

    The emails sent by these criminals are not coming from North America, but from the Spanish island of Mallorca.

    Some other travel agents have done their own research and came up with 2 German names for the people doing this. (I have the names, but will not post them publicly since I can't confirm the credibility. Registered users who are victims can contact me for more details.)

    Who am I? I'm a forum manager for the Canada forum on the Dutch vacation board of WereldWeb. By now I have 5 victims from The Netherlands keeping each other posted on this website. There are several other websites from all over the world where users report the same complaints.

    Although is their main website, they also operate with a list of other site.

    - 4 Yukon:
    - Alaska Reservation:
    - Alaska Tours: (is currently offline)
    - BC Reservations:
    - Canada Motorhomes:
    - Canada Tours:
    - Go Alaska Tours:
    - Ski Canada:
    - Tours Canada:
    - Travel Alaska:
    - West Canada Tours:
    - Yukon Reservation:
    - Yukon Vacation:

    Good luck to everyone and have a great American Roadtrip!

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    Default thanks for the reminder

    We actually have had at least one person on this forum report a problem with that company and its good to know that they are operating a number of other shadow sites too.

    Of course, this is a good reminder that anytime you're asked to make a deposit on a major purchase or rental that you should use a credit/debit card, so you'll have a way to get the money back in the event of a case of fraud. If they won't accept plastic for a deposit payment, you should be very concerned and I'd be taking my business elsewhere.

    It also looks like the Yukon Government is also investigating several claims of fraud from this company.

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    Default Beware !

    As one person commented on the Yukon government site,

    My wife and I spent quite a while on the site and it would take a long time to list all the red flags but the 2 major ones are the fact that there is no "About Us" page - no clue as to who or where they are, no address, phone number, etc - and the fact that the vast majority of the information on the site is very vague. There's also a comment somewhere that reservations will not be confirmed until full payment has been received - that alone would send me away.The site looks good BUT.... caveat emptor.
    One of the links had an "about us" page and when clicked offered web page design, eh ? No phone numbers, no address, No chance !

    If something doesn't feel right it often isn't and I'd walk away.
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    jerseyprincess Guest

    Default Alaska Tours

    Thanks for the info! I was doing some early research for an Alaska cruise and tour for my mom's birthday in a few years and I had actually started looking at the goalaksatours site. Not that I would have paid completely up front for something, but now I know to steer clear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midwest Michael View Post
    Of course, this is a good reminder that anytime you're asked to make a deposit on a major purchase or rental that you should use a credit/debit card, so you'll have a way to get the money back in the event of a case of fraud.
    I don't know about North America, but in Europe it's not possible to undo a debit card payment. Only credit card payments and 'incassos' (giving someone permission with your autograph to transfer a certain amount of money from your account to his') can be reversed.

    The problem is that all victims have been asked to make a bank transfer (which is a piece of cake and for free with modern online banking). Those can't be reversed and that's why everyone is in trouble. One of the victims told me that his bank finally has started a thorough investigation last week. They made the Barcley Bank in Spain send a message to the owners of the bank account asking what they're up to. So far no respond (and I think there will come none). I hope that in the end Barcley makes it their problem and makes up for the damage and sees if they can get their money back from where ever it may've disappeared, but this will probably take months, maybe years.

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    Default debts

    Well, A debit card that is part of the visa or mastercard network will give you fraud protection that will provide help in this sort of situation. I don't however, have any idea how common those sorts of cards are outside of the US.

    Having said that, doing a direct bank transfer pretty much always falls under the classic scam category - much like being asked to send money via western union. With the thousands of stories of scams using a tactic like this, its a bit of a shame that people still don't take some pretty common sense steps to protect themselves and their money.

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    European debit cards are not issued by the credit card companies, but by the banks. No protection for those.

    Hooray for PayPal?

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    Debit cards are issued by the banks here too - but they also have either a Visa or Mastercard logo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jurjen View Post
    Hooray for PayPal?
    Read this! It may curb some of your enthusiasm. There are those of us who have different experiences with that (objectionable) organisation.

    Lifey who won't touch them with a barge-poll

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    I know PayPal has some flaws, hence the question mark. ;)
    It's nice for smaller amounts, like buying a cd through eBay, but no big transactions (unless I trust them, like friends, but they get it in the pub instead anyways).

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