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    hey i am planning a cross country trip from south carolina to the grand canyon and am wondering if anyone has any tips or interesting routes or stops along the way that would be interesting to see

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    This site is filled with tips and ideas, but if you want more specific help, you need to tell us about your specific trip. How much time do you have? One way or round trip? Who/How Many people are going? What are your interests? What will you be traveling in? Where will you be sleeping? Etc...

    We really need to know about what you've come up with, before we can be of much help in offering ideas that would make sense for your trip.

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    i am just starting to plan the trip, so nothing is set in stone.
    i am thinking about a month, give or take a week or two, and it would just be my husband and me.
    it would be a round trip, starting in charleston,sc and ending in the grand canyon, and then heading back to columbia, sc.

    mostly i was just curious about any interesting site seeing areas, quirky little towns or really anything interesting along the way between south carolina and the grande canyon.
    i am also a photographer so anything that would offer nice photo opportunities would be nice as well.



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