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    My wife and I are fly into LAX on the 16th of December and are flying home on the 2nd of January. We would like some advice on a route we should take across the USA. we would like to end up in New York and fly back to L.A on the 1st. We Would like to see smaller towns, not so much of the bigger cities.We intend on hiring a car and staying in motels. We would love to hear from any one with some sugestions. regards Davo

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    We generally recommend 5-6 days of solid driving to make the cross country journey so with a little over 2 weeks you certainly have time to do some exploring. However, not knowing your interests and covering such a large area makes it almost impossible to throw ideas out there, as there are literally thousands of possibility's.
    Three main routes would be I15/I 70/ Denver then I76 to I 80, or take I 40 to Oklahoma and then either stay on I 40 through Memphis, Nashville and Knoxville to I 81 or from Oklahoma take I 44 through St Louis to I70. There is not much in it time wise and there are plenty of options/detours open to you with any route so I would get the map out, search the forums and find the places of interest to you and start putting some dots on the map.
    We can certainly help you join those dots together but it's for you to decide what appeals to you the most.

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    Thanks dave for your feed back. I am into boating and golf and my wife and i both love little resturants with plenty of locals. We dont like citys and would much rather stay on the smaller roads.


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