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    Default First time road-tripping - PA to WY - help and insight appreciated.

    Hey all!

    My family is planning a road trip next summer from PA to WY. This would be our first time RVing and we are completely clueless! I've started with getting some rental quotes, but beyond that not much else.

    We would need a 6-8 passenger RV as it will be myself, my husband my daughter (who will be two and a half), my grandmother and grandfather (both in their early 70's), my sister, and very possibly her boyfriend.

    Once in WY we will be visiting with my grandfather's sister and her family.

    What I'm looking for help-wise is a general idea of what a roadtrip will run us money wise (as far as the RV rental and fuel). How much time we should allow ourselves to get the most out of the trip (we were banking on at least a solid 2 weeks), and any other tips for planning a cross country trip. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks much - Cass.

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    Default It all adds up.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    On the left hand side of every page you will see the fuel cost calculator guide that will give you an idea of gas. It depends on where in PA you start and how far into WY you go, but if you took it as a 4000 mile round trip you would be looking at around 400 gallons of gas as a large class 'C' RV will return around 10mpg, but how much will a gallon be next year ? On top of those costs you will have to look out for additional mileage charges, generator usage fees and if you require bedding and kitchen kits that would also be extra. Camping fees can vary between less than $20 a night to $45 and beyond. A 30ft class C would cater for you all, with your parents taking the back bedroom and this would leave the dinette area that converts into a double sleeping area and another above the cab. Some people use a travel cot for toddlers.
    With 4000 miles and an RV I would say that you are looking at the best part of 10 days driving if indeed it is a return trip. If it's a one way then you would have to check out the one way drop off fee on your rental.
    If you have any other specific questions just ask.

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    Default There's a First Time for Everything

    Well certainly traveling by RV is not my strong suit, but I suspect you'll have to learn a lot in the fly in any case, particularly because you'll need a fairly large rig to handle three adult couples and a small child. But fortunately, there are many resources here besides just the forums. You should certainly take a look at these tips on RV rentals and also use the Search function in the green toolbar above looking for the terms "RV rent" to see what advice and experiences others more knowledgeable than me have to offer.

    I think that two weeks would be the absolute minimum for such a trip to be enjoyable. Both your daughter's restlessness and the enforced togetherness of using the same rig for transport and lodging dictate that you should stop often along the way for short walks and mental health breaks. In addition, the RV itself will not be nearly as speedy even when you are moving.

    Also, with three couples, there will be sites and attractions that appeal to some but not others of you. I'd make sure that you at least work out where the major stops will be en route, but also leave a little leeway for spur of the moment stops.



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