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  1. Default Chicago to ??? road trip Ideas

    There is a possibility that I will have about 5-6 days for a road trip to and from Chicago any ideas. I am thinking of taking my motorcyle with me. not sure yet. I will definitely drive. My wife and I are ok with nice campgrounds just not everynight

    Any suggestions



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    If you were to draw a five-hundred-mile arc around Chicago there would be so much to see, I would not know where to start. These forums are absolutely full of places to visit, in that area. It all depends on what your interests are.


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    Default so many optoins

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I agree with Lifey that you've got a ton of options and you haven't told us hardly anything about what you might be interested. On the extreme end distance wise a few option that could work would be a trip to the Black Hills, Ozarks, or Smokey Mountains, but you'd have lots of other option if you want to keep your riding a bit shorter. A trip around one or more Great Lake, or a cruise down part of the River Road would be some of those options.

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