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    Hi folks

    my wife and i are planning a trip from denver to grand junction then to durango and on to gallup, nm at the beginning of october. does anybody have any knowledge of the roads that we're going to be taking...especially the one south from grand junction to durango?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I-70 from Denver to Grand Junction is one of the most scenic freeways in the world. South of Grand Junction is also a very scenic route, with the Silverton to Durango Stretch known as the Million Dollar Highway.

    I'm not sure what other information you might be interested in, though.

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    There is an alternative route south from Grand Junction, which I consider to be more scenic than the Million Dollar highway. When you get to Ridgeway take route 62 and 145 through Telluride to Cortez, then 491 to Gallup.

    If you have the time, the narrow gauge railway from Durango to Silverton is very scenic.

    You will be very close to Mesa Verda, and that is definitely worth checking out. So full of the early pueblo history on the North American continent settlement.


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    The million dollar highway is a nice road, lots of scenery.. Silverton is a great small town to visit.

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