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    My husband and I would like to travel to the USA and Canada from Australia next year. We had thought to fry in to Vancouver with a visit to Whistler than make our way to LA and fly out from there. My question is how should we go about this? Which places should we visit? We will probably have about six weeks. We are thinking of setting out in June. Is this a good time to travel?

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    One issue you need to work around - you will not be able to rent a car in Canada and drop it off in the US. You will have to rent a car in Vancouver and tour that area, then drop it back off in Vancouver and take the bus to Seattle, and pick up another car for dropoff in LA.

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    May I suggest that you get a good size map of North America, one which shows NPs etc. (Try Map World in any of the capital cities or on the web.) Then as you roam around this forum you will be able to place spots on the map and work out a route from there. It gives you a much better overview than the internet mapping programs, especially when you are not familiar with the area.

    With six weeks you probably have time to include places such as Yellowstone, Reno, Death Valley and Yosemite, as well as the myriad of smaller parks such as Crater Lake and the Avenue of Giants. And be sure to drive the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to Los Angeles, it is every bit as great as the Great Ocean Road west of Melbourne.

    Whistler in BC is a great place to visit - lots of Aussies work there. But be sure to continue beyond Whistler. The highway beyond Whistler to Lillooet has much to offer with its glacier lakes and scenic hikes.

    You'll be too early for the blackberries... it is great blackberry country! I even stopped to make a kg of blackberry jam.... in 2004.

    June is basically the start of the holiday season.

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