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    hi, my boyfriend is planing to come and pick me up so i can movein with him. he lives in Colorado Springs while i live in south Jersey. the ONLY toll i know is whatit c osts to get on the Betsy Ross bridge to i-95 ($4... it sucks they force you to pay to LEAVE NJ but its FREE to get in =P) how do i calculate the to and from toll bbetween the 2 states?

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    Decide what route you are going to take, then for every toll facility along the route, go to that facility's website and look up the toll.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There is no single toll road website, so there's no place just to a single answer. You pretty much have to go state by state and toll road by toll road to get your answer. Several states also have different rates for using an EZPass vs using cash.

    I would also encourage you not to worry about tolls too much. We get this sort of question quite a bit, and yes I certainly understand wanting to avoid paying to use a road, but tolls are a very very small part of a trips overall cost. Even if you took the most toll-intensive route I can think of, the total of tolls would cost you less than 2 tanks of gas - and you'd even have to go a bit out of your way to get the tolls up anywhere close to that high.

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    It would help if you said exactly where you are in South Jersey to give you a better idea. The Betsy Ross probably won't be the best way to get in and out. I suspect that either taking the PA TPK all the way to NJ or the Blue Route to the Commodore Barry will be the best way.

    The fastest way from CO to Philly is I-70 all the way to the PA Turnpike, then the Schuylkill into the city. The tolls going that way are $17.50 on the PA TPK and $2.75 in Kansas. So, for a ballpark calculation, use $50 for a round trip.

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