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    Hey all,

    Recently found this webpage and have so far found it to be a fairly good resource in deciding what to do with my trip, but I'd love a few more suggestions!

    I'm planning a solo road trip to Texas and back for the beginning of October. I use the word planning loosely, because at this point, I'm not really intending to do a lot of planning. I've chosen a date to leave, and I have a date I need to return by, but the time in between - about 17 days - I'm not really sure about. My final destination is Austin, because I've heard it's a nice place to visit.

    What I'm looking for now are any suggestions about what to do in the vast prairie that is the space between. Right now my plan is to take I-29/I-35 straight down, but I'm also toying with the idea of coming back up through Colorado and western South Dakota... is it worth it, considering the added travel time and overall length of my trip? I'm also on a fairly limited budget; I have a few dollars to throw around, but this is more of a motel 6 trip than a Hilton, if you catch my meaning :)

    In terms of what I'm looking for... I'd have to say experiences. I just recently finished years and years of education, and am looking to have a little adventure before beginning to work. Landmarks, communities, local events worth seeing, etc.

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    Default depends on what you're looking for

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Whether going over to Colorado is "worth it" depends on a couple things.

    First, that's a detour that's basically going to add two full days of driving to your trip, and adds about 1000 miles and might cost you another $100 in fuel (depending on your mileage). Do you have the extra time and money.

    The big other thing is the "why." If you are doing this because you want to see this area and you are looking for something different going north than what you see going south then it would make a lot of sense.

    However, if you are just going to be sprinting south on I-29/I-35 without stopping to see and you are looking at Colorado because you think thats where you'll find "landmarks and local events" then I think your idea is a bit misguided. You certainly can find all of those things no matter which route you go, including through the Plains.

    I will also say there are some other options that wouldn't be quite as far way as going to Colorado for your return trip. You could look at going east over through the Ozarks and/or up along the Mississippi River. You also could take just a slight modification of your route and take US-81 from Kansas up through South Dakota. This will have you running right through several communities, instead of bypassing them on the freeway, and it actually is a bit shorter than staying on I-29, and could even be a touch faster.

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