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  1. Default Best Route Seattle, WA to El Paso, TX (by car)

    I need to travel to El Paso, TX in the next week because my husband has a court appearance there. I will be a female traveling alone in an untrustworthy car (it's really old) and would prefer a road that doesn't have very many hills. showed me a couple of options for this journey. Is I-84 E or I-5 a better idea?

    What is I-84 E to El Paso (through Idaho, Utah, and New Mexico) like? If it's more scenic, maybe I'll do it on the way back. For now I am mostly concerned with road conditions, hills, availability of service stations, and avoiding high temperatures that might overheat my car!

    Please let me know your advice on which route is likely to be:
    a. the safest
    b. the quickest
    c. less rush hour traffic
    d. less mind-numbing (boring!) to drive
    e. more hilly or windy curves
    f. more service stations in case run into trouble
    g. better with temperatures (in late September)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I should point out that I'm driving because I'm also thinking of moving there for a month or two, and I've been told that I need a car to get around to certain areas that are more desolate and don't have access to public transportation.
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    Default overthinking

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There is a really no single best route, and a few of your question really can't be answered, but here goes.

    A- I really never know what people think is a "safe" road or route. This is the USA, with some pretty high standards for road construction and I can't think of any road I've ever driven on in this country that would be unsafe.

    B&C - I suspect taking I-84 and cutting down through Moab to Albuquerque would be fastest. It is the shortest, goes through the fewest major cities, which I think will likely make up for the fact that some of the trip is non-interstate travel.

    D- Boring is a state of mind and 100% controlled by the driver. Your attitude towards the trip will answer this one, not the choice of route.

    E&F - The shortest/fastest route is the route that's most likely to have the most hills and curves and more gaps between services since it is not an interstate highway. Interstates are built with minimal grades and curves, nearly always see steady traffic, and have almost always have services at least every 50 miles or so. I believe taking I-84 to I-80 then taking I-25 would probably your "flatest" option.

    G - You really just have to check the forecast to know what the weather will be. Going through California and Arizona would mean traveling through the desert which could still see some high temps in latest sept. However, a properly functioning car will work fine in any temperatures

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    I would take I-5 to I-210 to I-15 to I-10. There are only 2 considerable grades - I-5 in southern OR over Siskiyou Pass and the I-5 "Grapevine" just north of LA. Plan it so you hit LA away from rush hour. You are looking at a 4 day trip each way.

    If your car is "really old" have it checked out thoroughly by a competent mechanic before you leave. If he deems it untrustworthy, rent a car or fly.

  4. Default Thank you...

    Thank you both very much for replying to my inquiry! There's some good info. here. I'll definitely have my car checked out before I go.

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