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    Hi there, I'm getting married next September and we plan to take a month off work and do an American road trip for our honeymoon. I'd like to see some specific places, namely Portland, Wyoming and Chicago (eclectic reasons) and other half wants to see the west coast (which I've done but obviously don't mind doing again, as it's so splendid). However, I am slightly concerned about two points of feasibility for this - a) is the route we've thought of insane, and b) will the weather already be too severe in the colder states to drive in October?

    For a) we have thought of doing: Seattle-Portland-SF-LA-San Diego (if possible)-then up through Utah into Wyoming, through Nebraska and Iowa to Illinois, ending up in Chicago. Is this just ludicrously too much? We do have a whole month but even so. Please tell me if this is crazy!

    b) He is an experienced driver who has driven long distances before but he will be driving solo (I can't drive) and has never driven with chains before. Will the northern states be a nightmare to drive in weather-wise by October or is this feasible?

    Any and all advice really is much appreciated - we have things we want to see in an ideal world but are very willing to change them and be flexible. Basically I've been visiting the States for years and am in love with its cities, so do want to see lots of that, but also the vast expanse of a place whose outer limits are known to me but not its interior landscapes.

    Thanks for reading anyway.


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    One month is very reasonable for that trip. You are looking at something in the 3500 to 5000 mile range, which will average out to only 150 miles a day or so. This will give you plenty of time to spend multiple days in cities if you want. There is always the possibility of early season storms, but I doubt you would wind up in a situation where you would need chains. Just be prepared for chilly weather at higher elevations.

    I took a trip through southern Utah at elevations up to 9000 feet late last February - yes, there was snow on the ground, but the roads themselves were clear. Even in the dead of winter, the Interstate highways are very high priority to be kept clear, you can't stop commerce! If it makes you feel more secure, you could always rent a 4wd SUV.

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    @glc, thanks for that, really helpful and very prompt!

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    Default Congratulations !

    and Welcome to the RTA forums !

    Have a good look around the forums and road trip planning pages where you will find tons of info and if there are any other questions just ask.

    Enjoy the planning !

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