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  1. Default Tampa to Albuquerque w/ 2 cats. Suggestions??

    Sometime within the next few months (I imagine around Dec.) my fiance and I will be packing our car with a few belongings and our two cats and heading out west. Time is really not an issue but $ is. Ideally, we'd like to spend two nights (New Orleans is a must for one) in a hotel and the rest on the road. I'm looking for advice on three things:

    1)How do I start planning this adventure?

    2)What are some things we should see on the way? I'm interested in kitschy stuff like Cadillac Ranch or cool diners. Obviously nothing too time consuming, with the cats and all.

    3)What's it REALLY like traveling with cats? Ours are older and bratty. I've read the articles and will start taking them on rides soon and they'll be vaccinated and all that, but I want to hear peoples experiences. I'm worried they'll howl the whole way, refuse to use the box and puke every time the car moves!

    Any tips, advice or suggestions would be appreciated!

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    Default the brink

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I've found most cats just don't like being in the car, and no amount of forcing them to go for rides will really change that. I've always just put the cats in the car, and tried to make the trip as comfortable as possible.

    Most cats will generally "hold it" and won't do much eating or drinking while you are on the road. Because of that, I'd recommend trying to keep your days on the short side. Your plan to make this trip in 3 days is already at the top end of what we'd recommend - you're looking at being on the road for nearly 12 hours a day already and that's before you make any extra stops. In addition to that being on the top end of what we recommend for people, that's probably a bit more than I'd recommend with cats. If you could add another day, so your cats can get settled into a motel room sooner in the day, that's what I would recommend.

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    Default Speak to your vet

    Most of those questions as to how the cats will tolerate and behave during a car trip should really be addressed to a veterinarian who knows your cats. They are also able to supply you with appropriate medication should this be necessary.

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    If you aren't actually moving across the country, I'd advise you leave the cats home - have someone look after them or board them with a vet or something.

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