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    Default NC to New Orleans

    Hi everyone, I'm planning another road trip and I always love coming here for advice.

    This one is a quickie, spur of the moment trip next week from Winston-Salem, NC to New Orleans, LA. I've calculated a few routes but I've never been on this particular journey so I'd like some feedback on what is better.

    On our way down we'll be leaving in the early, early morning (probably 3 am-5 am so I was planning on taking I-85 S to Alabama, I-65 down to I-10. But I've never been further west on this route than Atlanta, I don't necessarily care about a lot of sights along the way I just want to smooth, easy to navigate on and off highway experience.

    I also thought about taking I-40 through Knoxville and Chatanooga into Birmingham etc. just so I can avoid the Charlotte/Atlanta spaghetti bowl. Even if I left at 3 am I would be getting to Atlanta right around 6-7 am.

    Any thoughts? I can be more flexible with my time on the way down than I can on my return on Monday. I just don't want to end up going through long stretch of road without any food, gas, or rest areas.


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    My mapping software shows the fastest route is 52/85/65/10, and it's 786 miles. I hope you aren't planning on doing this nonstop, that would be a 15 hour drive with minimal stops.

    40/75/59/10 is 865 miles, and will take about an hour and a half longer.

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