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  1. Default Aussies driving from New York To Florida

    Hi All!

    I am currently planning a family holiday and am needing advice.
    We have never been to America and my husband, myself and my 2 boys (7 & 9) are trying to plot out a trip from New York to Florida.

    Are thoughts atm are to fly into New York on the 27th of December and after spending 2 days there hiring a motor home and heading for Hershey and Lancaster in Pennslyvania. Then heading down to Washington. After that we are not to sure what to see until heading out to Mrytle beach in South Carolina. Then making our way to Daytona beach.

    So I have a few questions that you might be able to help me with...

    1. Do you think a motor home is a good idea that time of year or should we go with hiring a car and staying in motels? We have been told that driving through Virginia that time of year might be a bit of a push.

    2. What are road conditions that time of year?

    3. Does anyone have any suggestions of things to see along that route?

    Any sort of advice is appreciated! Thanks in advance!!! :)

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    My opinion? If you want to see cities, use car/hotel. If you want to stay out of cities and see rural sights, then a RV is useful. Driving and parking a RV in cities is a pain in the neck.

    Weather conditions are unpredictable. That *is* winter, and there's the possibility of ice and snow a good portion of the way down the eastern seaboard.

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    Default Winter cruising, RV campgrounds

    Hello Aussie05,

    Before committing to an RV for your RoadTrip, I'd recommend some online research as to availability of campsites, particularly in the NY to DC and Virginia parts of your trip.

    By late Autumn to early Winter, many campgrounds in State and Local parks, and many commercial campgrounds, must close in order to prevent water pipes from freezing. Their occupancy typically drops off a great deal by late Autumn and that drives them to close, as well. The two factors quite possibly could frustrate your plans with an RV. Where available, be aware that the RV campsites can be a bit pricey to begin with. It would not surprise me for the RV site to run 50-60% of the cost of adjoining motel rooms, per night. Added to the fairly slow and cumbersome nature of RV travel, I'd be much inclined to hire an SUV or a minivan.

    I'm puzzled as to why driving in Virginia at that time of year might be considered difficult in some way. Excepting the higher elevations within the Blue Ridge or the Alleghenies, large snowfalls are not a weekly occurrence, even in early January.

    As to road conditions, in general, it's a toss-up. The weather can be anything from cool, mild days and nights to heavy snowfall. When we do get early snows, the warm ground temps normally keep accumulation from being but so burdensome. The highway departments also generally do a great job of keeping the main routes open. Less so in central and southern Virginia and points south, as we see but little snow annually down here in the South.

    Given the way the 09/10 calendar falls with New Year's Day on a Friday, expect heavy traffic on Thursday 31 December and Sunday 3 January. The northeast corridor, roughly along I-95 from Richmond, VA to New York City and beyond, can be expected to have the heaviest traffic and greatest possibilities of delays. Your intent to swing west to Lancaster, PA will help you avoid some of this.

    A final comment on road conditions pertains to time of year: Your trip coincides with the shortest days of the year in this hemisphere, and you'll see sunset by 4:30-5:00pm and it'll be after 7:00am before there's much light, with sunrise itself arriving closer to 8:00am. If you favor daytime driving, you must be on the move early or you'll lose some of your daytime.

    Perhaps you've done so already, but if not, I'd check ahead at Hershey and Myrtle Beach to ensure the attractions you favor visiting there will be open. There are probably some dead-of-winter closures in the Daytona Beach area, but that should not be much of an issue.

    Be aware that the later in January you stay in the Daytona area, the more tourists will be piling in. Early February is the scheduled time for NASCAR's Daytona 500 race, and from around the middle of January though mid-February, the old beach town fills with race teams and their fans.

    Have fun planning and taking your RoadTrip!


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