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    Would someone be kind enough to let me know how safe Beale Street in Memphis is? Is there any special precautions that should be taken? and finally where does one park around B. B. King's Club?

    Thanks in advance for the help

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    Hi Bob,

    I have no first hand experience of Beale St but it would appear to be safe enough and well policed and most problems being over zealous party goers. Precautions to take would be like any other place, making sure your wallet and valuables are tucked away safely and don't get sucked in by the panhandlers who are likely to pester you. A quick look got these reviews and a discussion here. I would do a little more of your own research and make an informed decision as there are always going to be different opinions from different people and come to your own conclusion.

    If you go I would sure like to hear what you think.

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