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  1. Default May 2010 road trip to Utah (Arches, Canyonlands)

    I would like to visit Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef NPs in early May 2010.
    My plan is to fly to Las Vegas, rent a VW van and head to Utah. Would 2 (maybe 3) weeks be enough time to visit these 3 parks? I would want to camp (sleep in the van) in safe, clean campgrounds that have showers and toilets.
    Can any one suggest trustworthy websites that I can check to get info on renting a VW Van? I'd be interested in the Eurovan.
    I'd also be interested in visiting Death Valley NP on way back to Las Vegas (a detour).
    Can anyone suggest some good camp ground publications? I am interested in private, state, and NP camp grounds.
    I do not plan to do any long hikes in any of the NPs but will do shorter hikes/walks and possibly join a ranger-led hike in any or all.
    I will probably be travelling solo.
    Thanks for any info/insight/suggestions!

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    Default a challenge

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm not aware of anyone renting VW vans in Las Vegas - or much anywhere else in the US. That one is going to take some serious research - and if you find something, please let us know.

    There are several campground directories, but I would think that just focusing on the campgrounds inside of national parks would be the option I would be looking at most closely. 2 Weeks should be plenty of time to have a very nice trip with lots of time for exploration.

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    You should also have time to drive through Zion NP and stop at Bryce Canyon NP on your way to Capitol Reef NP.
    Hwy 9, 89, 12 and 24 are very scenic roads! The drive is almost as scenic as the destinations.

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    Default Rare indeed.

    It is rare to find the Euro spec campers and I have only ever found a couple on the Californian coast. I just had a look at those company's and one was offering a link to this outfit.
    I don't know anything of them but if you are prepared to start out from Salt lake city [not much difference in miles from Vegas for your trip] then they might be worth contacting. I too would recommend the route recommended by Rollin' and it would make a great loop. The National parks site has all the info on the parks and campgrounds within them. Ruby's Inn is well located for Bryce canyon.

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    Hello, Southwest Dave!
    I stumbled upon that website; it was informative.
    Perhaps I should look at other campers; I do not want an RV. Any suggestions for other brand campers?

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    Default Class 'B'.

    All you can do is keep searching but the American equivalent of a camper is a Class 'B' motorhome. These are still not widely available and the next up is the compact RV which is available from LV.

  7. Default Camper Van rental

    I am trying to get info on renting a camper van, like a VW Eurovan or similar for a trip I want to take next May to Arches, Canyonlands NPs. I do not need an RV! I would camp in the NPs or state parks but would use the showers/toilets in the camps. Essentially, just sleeping in the van and doing a little cooking.
    Does anyone know of trustworthy rental outfits who rent vans in good condition in Las Vegas (where I thought I'd begin my roadtrip) or elsewhere that is convenient to those NPs?
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