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  1. Default San Diego to SF 1 week drive .No Mexico Please

    Leaving the 10/10 for SD and leaving SF. Sat to Sat. Please no Mexico.
    We are renting a car. No Museums Please. maybe a Zoo, beach, Restaurants, Alcatraz. SF for 2-3 days, Carmel etc.

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    Default more than no

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You've done a very nice job of telling us what you don't want, but you've told us very little about what you enjoy and what you've planned.

    Are you planning to go up the coast? Maybe up through the mountains (Yosemite/Sequoia?) Are you just going to sprint up I-5? You don't like Museums, but you like Alcatraz? Does that mean a place like Hearst Castle would interested you?

    The more you can tell us, the more we'll be able to help.

  3. Default Coast all the way

    Sorry for not being more informative. Yep, up the coast highway. SD for 2 nights, leaving there on Monday morning. Continue on with anevery nightwith a new hotel evry night. Leave SF Saturday morning

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    I would plan on the San Diego Zoo - one of the world's finest - and then the Wild Animal Park on your way back north.

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