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    Hello , my first thread here in RTA !!

    Me and one friend (we´re from Brazil) are planning on take a really big road trip (cross country) next January , we have 25-30 days. The possible route would be something like:

    First Part
    NY - Philadelphia - Charlotte - Atlanta - New Orleans - Texas - Albuquerque -Las Vegas - Los Angeles - San Francisco
    Second Part
    San Francisco - Reno - Salt Lake City - Denver - Kansas City - St Louis - Pittsburgh - NY

    Is it doable ??

    We have a lot of questions and I think you guys can help us out...
    The first problem: We dont have a car. I think for such a long trip(25 days) it would be better to buy a car than to rent one. How much is needed to buy a a car that can take us from one coast to another and come back in January (WINTER) ??

    2- Is it possible to travel form NY to SF and them go back in about 25 days ?
    3- How much it would cost(including the car expenses, I expect something like US$5.000) ?

    There are some road sections that I dont know if is driveable in Winter.
    For example: It would be possible to go from Reno,NV to Denver with a regular car(with chains) ?

    We plan to sleep a lot in the car and save money regarding lodging and eating.

    PS : Im sorry for the writing mistakes !!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There are a few things with your plan that I would recommend changing.

    First of all, buying a car for a month long trip is impractical and not very cost effective. More importantly, without being a US resident, it is nearly impossible to do from a logistic and legal standpoint. Renting is really your only reasonable option.

    Your plan to sleep in the car is also not very practical. There just aren't many cars where two people can sleep comfortably for your plan to work. Getting a quick nap here and there is one thing, but using it as a major part of a month long trip doesn't work in the best of circumstances. You've also got the fact that this is a winter trip, and you'll be dealing with temperatures near or below 0 degrees (C) overnights for much of your trip, and you'll not only be uncomfortable, you'll be really really cold.

    Your budget might work, but you'll be cutting it real close if you are talking $5000 for 2 people and and have to factor in the cost of a car rental. Motels and Car rental alone could quite easily cost $3000 alone (more if you are under 25), and $2000 for gas, food, and other expenses over a month really isn't a lot of money. If you also need to add in airfare, I would say you'll certainly need more cash.

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    Just as Michael has said, it is virtually impossible to buy a car if you are not a citizen. It could also end up costing a lot more than renting. In 2004 I rented a vehicle from Budget for 28 days with unlimited mileage for around $800 including all charges and taxes. In my recent search for a rental car I found that different offices of the same company can have different prices and conditions. So investigate along those lines.

    Another avenue for you to explore is Adventure on Wheels. Although I have not used them I have heard from people who have and who have been quite satisfied. Best thing is they do not have the under 25 years old charge.

    One thing I would highly recommend for such a long rental, see if you can find an attorney familiar with this part of US law, and check out if there is anything in the contract of which you should be particularly aware.

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    Ok.. So I think It would be better just to rent a car ... I think it would cost us smthing around US$1000 for each.

    What a about the other questions?

    Is it doable in 25-30 days ?
    (We plan to sleep one night in Vegas and two or three in San Francisco)
    Is it possible to drive from Reno to Salt Lake City on a regular car in January ?(We dont know the road)

    ** Actually we are considering just taking the first part of the trip than flying back to NY
    What do you guys think would be the best route?
    The northern one (Chicago, Denver, Salt Lake City and Reno) or
    The southern one ( Atlanta, New Orleans(Mardi Gras!!), Texas, NM and Vegas)

    Thks !!

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    Unless you get caught in the middle of a major storm, driving on the Interstate highways in the winter is generally not a problem. They do everything they can to keep them open for truck commerce. If they put up the signs that chains are required, you probably don't have any business driving anyway unless you are an experienced winter driver, and should find a hotel and wait things out. It won't be long till things are cleared up.

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