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  1. Default A trip plan for the west, is it reality or fantisy

    Hello to all forum members
    My family and I (my wife and 3 kids : 13,12 and 7) are planning an RV trip to the west next summer. This will be our first RV trip and the first trip to the States too. Arriving from Israel.
    We have around 3 weeks to spend and I was thinking of a round trip that will include , San Francisco , Yosemite, Yellowstone , grand canyon, Brice and Zion , Las Vegas and LA
    Is 3 weeks realistic for the mission or its becoming mission impossible.
    We want to see as much as possible as trips like this don’t come every year but on the other hand, we don't want to spend most of the time on the RV .
    Your experience and suggestions will be welcomed , Thanks Amir.

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Three weeks gives you plenty of time to see all that you want to see and still take the time to enjoy it. If you are planning on staying within the boundaries of the parks that allow RVs, then I do suggest making reservations ahead of time as it can be difficult to impossible to find a spot in the Summer. Depending on the location, you may be able to make the reservations at this time.

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    Default National parks.

    The NPS website has all the info you need on the parks and campgrounds, just click on the map. Visiting that many parks would make the annual pass cheaper than paying individual entrance fees and can be bought for $80 at the entrance of the first park you visit.
    As Tim has said your trip is certainly doable, and quite comfortably but just to give you an idea of how soon that time can go, if you spent one day in LA dropping the RV off, one in Bryce canyon and 2 days in the rest of your places listed it will leave you a week to cover the [approx 2700] miles, which would be around 7-8 hours a day of travel on each of those days. Of course you can juggle this to suit but you are covering a large area. If you wanted to spend more time in one place then Yellowstone would be the obvious choice to cut out as it is the biggest diversion, but you could then possibly include Arches NP, Monument valley, a drive across Death valley and up the coastal route 1 through Big Sur and return the RV to SF which will save any one way drop off fees. Tough choices, but you will have a great time whatever you decide, it's an amazing area with lots of diversity.
    If you have the time take a look at RV trip through the SW which could give you some ideas.
    If there any other questions just ask.

  4. Default Moving towards reality

    Thanks a lot for your input southwest Dave and Mas Tim
    If the calculations are right , there will be a lot of driving hours , (are the walls of the RV strong enough to support 3 combative boys ). It looks like we will have to sacrifice Yellowstone this time around , a tough call which I am reluctant to make just now .
    I'll have to do more reading before I decide .
    Are any of you familiar with the book "The Most Scenic Drives in America" by Robert J. Dolezal , and if so will it be helpful for us to plan the trip next summer?
    Are there any other books you can suggest for this purpose, bearing in mind that it is a RV trip we are planning .
    Thanks again , Amir .

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    Default more than the forum

    If you check out the planning section of this website, you'll find an entire topic on book recommendations. There are also a lot of other articles and resources that I suspect will be helpful to you, specifically on the topic of RV travel.

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