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    Hey everyone. Me and four of my friends were planning on driving out to Los Angles next summer. Its a 2600 mile drive from the East Coast and it should take about 40 hours of driving to get there(according to mapquest.) We were thinking of all chipping in around 800 dollars for the trip. We have about two weeks for the trip also. As far as driving goes, it would be maybe three of us actually able to drive legally. Were trying to plan this out early so I was wondering what supplies we should take, what kind of car would be best, how many hours of driving per day, what would be the best route to get there, etc. Any help is appreciated.

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    Hello and welcome top the RTA forums!

    The great thing about these mapping programs is they don't need to stop for food, sleep, bathroom breaks or even stop for gas, the bad thing about them is they forget us humans do need to. For a cross country trip we generally recommend a min 5 days of driving for 9-10 hours a day and even at that pace you could find it tough going with 5 of you stuck in car for such long periods. As for the gear you should take, and what car [or van]for that matter, that would depend on whether you plan to camp or stay in Motels, hostels etc. As you are asking "which car" I presume you are renting and if you are aged between 21-24 years there will be hefty surcharges involved. If it is a one way trip there will also be one way drop off fees. There is no best route but you do have options and if you are doing a return trip you could choose a different route each way. I would get the map out and search the forums to see what appeals to you all along the way and see if you can build them into your trip. It might also be a good idea to take the light hearted compatibility test just to make sure you are all on the "same page".

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