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    I would love to take my parents on a road trip from Maryland to the GC going through places like Memphis, Nashville, etc. My folks are in their late 60s and a trip like this would be a memory we would cherish. I have 12 days available and want to show them primarily a great time. Some specifics: I will be doing all the driving, trip would take place in mid Sept., I have an small SUV, my parents love sightseeing.

    Is this trip doable? Any advise provided would be appreciated. Thanks

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    You can make this trip, and have a good time, however, you're going to be doing a whole lot of driving to make this work and you'll have to decide if its going to be what you really want.

    You're looking at a solid 4-5 days to make the drive each way, and that's if you are on the road for a full 10 hours each day. That's really only going to give you a couple of days to see the Grand Canyon and to make additional stops for sightseeing.

    What I would recommend is sitting down and seeing about how much time in a car you and your parents will really be comfortable with, and make sure that this really fits in with what you are hoping to do.

  3. Default Thanks for the advice

    We are in the process of choosing a shorter and more realistic trip. Thanks!

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