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    Hi all,
    I am very eager to do a road trip this fall from Salt Lake City, through Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, north on Highway 1 all the way to Redwood National Park, and back to SLC through Oregon and Idaho. I would appreciate any valuable info, including little known about places worth seeing, must see fall foliage places, and cheap accommodations. The exact date depends on how soon I will get laid-off from work, hehe :D Also, if anyone is interested in joining me on the trip, let me know.

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    Can only help you with Idaho... there is a great hostel in Nampa.

    And for a drive through great Idaho scenery the Ponderosa Highway - though slow and winding - to Stanley and then take 75 down to Twin Falls. An alternative is to take 55 out of Boise to Banks and then through Garden Valley to Lowman and pick up the Ponderosa Highway at Lowman.

    Make sure you see the falls, though fall is not the best time to see them. Also there is the Snake River canyon which Evil Kenevil tried - and failed - to jump. Then there is the bridge over the Snake River. Not sure anymore if it is on I-84 or on 75, just know that it is on the northern edge of Twin Falls. There is a pull off, and a pathway which takes you around and under the bridge. You could be lucky and see some bungy jumping from the bridge. When I was there last the emergency services were doing an absailing exercise on the canyon cliffs by the bridge.

    Lifey who is certain you will find much to admire

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    How long have you got for the trip as there are many options open to you over such a large area. If you have the time I would certainly consider heading South from Lake Tahoe and taking in Yosemite NP on the way to San Fran, and how about Crater lake in Oregon.

    Search the forums and you will find lots of ideas to consider and as you build your trip keep asking questions.

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    Thank you both for suggestions. I will definitely think about stopping at that hostel in Nampa, and other hostels along the way. Why didn't I think of that? I think it might be a little too cold for camping but we'll see. I think weather conditions will play a big role in how my trip shapes up as I am not yet sure when I will leave.

    I am planning on a week-long trip, maybe a little less.

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