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  1. Default National WW2 museum / Stage Door Canteen Expansion

    I hope my kids are gaining some good memories of our road trips.
    Hope they always love hittin' the road.

    Do ya still do cool road trips with your dad?

    My mom passed away long ago but,
    I'm lucky enough that my dad is still living.
    One of a dwindling core of WW 2 veterans left.

    He flew bombers during WW2 and never talked about it.
    All we knew was their was this bad, horrific incident he and his crew encountered, and that was that.
    But that's another thread. Perhaps for

    Music was always a part of our home & neighborhood growing up.

    One of the greatest jazz drummers, Jack Sperling was a next door neighbor.
    Jack Sperling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Dad made sure the homes sound system was state-of-the-art, that's an old school term (like High Fidelity), meaning the best technology available.

    We even had Blaupunkts way before BMW sold cars here.
    The FM stations back then were usually some stoner who had a surplus military FM transmitter in his living room and he spun his Jazz collection.

    Our houses rocked or jived would be more like it on that section of the block.

    I booked rooms and tickets to take my dad to the grand opening of the Stage Door Canteen at the National WW2 museum in New Orleans Nov 6th.
    The National WWII Museum's Stage Door Canteen.

    Jack Sperling, our neighbor, played there, AND the Hollywood Canteen during the war, and my dad saw him; YouTube - Hollywood Canteen, WW2

    I asked my dad recently "Did you guys bomb the Germans to the beat of Glenn Miller like we listened to the Doors in Viet Nam?" No answer of course.
    But dad did accept the trip to see the opening and the big expansion at the National WW 2 museum, and the Stage Door Canteen within.

    I'm looking forward to it. We'll drive around the bible belt too.

    Do ya still do cool road trips with your dad?

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    Default For Me It Was My Mom

    Unfortunately, the only RoadTrip I got to make with my Dad was to Cleveland for experimental radiation treatment for his cancer in 1953. He died shortly thereafter. But I do remember taking multi-day RoadTrips with my Mom and siblings throughout my childhood, and my Mom relying on me to be the map reader and navigator. I looked forward to those trips every summer and they instilled in me a love of being on the road, and finding new and interesting activities wherever we might be, that has stuck with me ever since. Like you, I owe my parents a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid, but only passed on to succeeding generations. My grandsons are of an age now where I can and have been taking them on long RoadTrips while making a point to find interesting stops along the way, engage them in the countryside we are driving through, and generally enjoy being on the road with family. Thanks for the reminder of why.


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    Default Remembering World War II

    I'm glad that the US is rememebering our Greatest Generation before we no longer have them.

    I know of at least one city that is actively pursuing its WW II legacy, Wilmngton, NC. You can even get a driving tour of WW II sites in and around the place.

    I have a history blog that has essentially become about 80% World War II.


    By the way, there is still one US World War I veteran still alive, Frank Buckles of West Virginia.

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