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    My family of 5 is looking to do a road trip to Maine from South Carolina. We will be going next June or July for about 2 1/2 weeks and will be driving up. What are some things that the kids would love to do?

    We just got back from a road trip to South Dakota and they loved it so we wanna try a different part of the country.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Much of what you would like to do has been covered in some detail before. So rather than reiterate it, I'll just point you to these posts which give, in some detail, two possible routes between the South and Northeast, and suggestions for some of the best of New England.


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    thanks! I am wishing it was next summer already:)

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    Are there any recommendations for cottages in or around Bar Harbor with 3 kids (10,8,5)? Also if we stay 1 week there is that too much time?

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    Default Bar Harbor

    Unfortunately, recommendations for specific accommodations or restaurants don't get made too often on these forums. There are simply too many options and they change hands too frequently for the handful of regular contributors to have any meaningful or up-to-date knowledge. Your best bet is to just do a web search on {cityname cottage OR motel} and see if anything appeals to you. The other search that my wife and I use regularly with some success is {cityname vacation rental}.

    I will say that a full week in Bar Harbor is probably going to be too much for your kids. Other than the great coastal scenery and relaxed lifestyle, there's not a lot going on. That's its charm! There are not a lot of activities even within 2 hour, one-way, day trips. So what I'd suggest is that you look at the links I gave you before and find some places elsewhere in New England that you could explore on the way up and/or on the way back and spend some time at those and a bit less time at Acadia.


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