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    Hi everybody, I'm new. Just discovered this site.

    I have a question about a road trip from Cincinnati, OH to Myrtle Beach, SC. We are leaving in two weeks and it's an 11 hour trip. Are there places along the way that we should see? Nice places to eat or picnic? Places to just rest? I've never taken a trip this long in a car and I need to know where we can stop because I suffer from motion sickness; I can't ride more than four hours at a time before I need to get out and get some air!!

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    First of all, Myrtle Beach is 11 hours from Cincinnati ONLY in the fantasy world of computer mapping routines. In that world, drivers never need to stop for gas or food, they never need to use a restroom, they never see a stop light or any other traffic on the road, and they can drive at or above the speed limit for hour after hour without end. So, with your desire for more frequent stops you'll need to plan on an overnight stop. The Great Smoky Mountains are directly on your route and about half way, so would make a nice place to break up your trip and watch a sunset and/or sunrise as well as get some enjoyable exercise.


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    Thanks for the tip AZ. I've passed along the info to the other five people but, unfortunately, stopping overnight is not in the plans!! I wish we could spend some time in the GSM but everybody is in a hurry (except me). Guess we won't really be able to stop anywhere going or coming. I'll just have to sit back and try hard to enjoy the ride!!

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    This is a road trip forum, but it really sounds to me that the only reason you are planning a road trip is to get from point A to point B. With this in mind, I'd recommend you look at flights to Myrtle Beach - this is a popular destination for low price airlines. Driving straight through both ways just isn't going to be fun at all, and you will all be tired the day after the drive each way.

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    Default Calabash, NC

    Once in Myrtle Beach, you might want to go north a little ways to Calabash, NC, right on the border for some of the best seafood around. The food is even called Calabash-style.

    While in MB, check out the Beach Music scene, and we're not talking Beach Boys beach music. Listen to 94.9 the Surf for a good taste of it and get up to Fat Harold's or Duck's in North Myrtle Beach to see them dance the state dance, the shag.

    I took US-52 from Cincinnati to Winston-Salem. Great drive through Ohio and the little part of Virginia.

    Mt. Airy, NC, is on your way. Get a pork chop sandwich at Snappy Lunch and check out the town that Mayberry was based on. This is where Andy Griffith grew up.

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