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  1. Default Need day trip sites from Laughlin, NV

    Hi, I need information and day trip sites from Laughlin. Husband and I will be arriving Oct. 7 and leaving Oct. 12. We are renting a car and want to see some interesting places while there. On our list is Chloride, Oatman and Searchlight. Want to see Grand Canyon also, but don't want the sky-walk. Not paying to see one of the natural wonders of my own country. We would like some ideas as to other places to see and things to do along these lines of interest. Info on fun places to eat also welcome.

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    Default its still costs $

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Well, the Grand Canyon National Park still will cost you money. The admission fee is $25 per car. I will also say that since the Skywalk is on a soverign Indian Reservation, its technically not in your own country!

    On a practically sense, the Grand Canyon is on the edge of a reasonable daytrip from Laughlin. You are a bit closer than from Vegas, but its still going to be a good 4 hour drive each way. I'd still recommend an overnight. Perhaps you could spend a day driving through Oatman, Route 66, etc, stop in Williams, then spend the next day at the Canyon and head back to Laughlin.

    I've done a Williams to GC to Laughlin trip myself, and even that was a very full day, where we didn't get into our hotel in Laughlin until after 1am.

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    The restaurant at the Cameron Trading Post, which is on US-89 east of the Grand Canyon, is quite good. If you have never had one, that's a good place to get a Navajo taco.

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