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    Hi everyone I am new of course. I am looking to go on a road trip in a week or two but need help planning. It will start in Atlanta Georgia and want to end up out west around wyoming, utah and colorado. I am young and dont mind 800-900 miles a day. Also this is goin to be a camping trip no longer then one night at each location. I have about 9 days for this trip all together but i dont mind making it a 5-7,000 mile round trip. I dont plan out stopping alot just want to see some nature. ( waterfalls, mountains, desert, ect.) I want a very scenic route not many interstate as country and scenic as it gets. please help me plan this trip. your opinions is much appreciated

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Sorry, but just because you are young doesn't mean you can safely drive those kinds of distances. You're just asking to become yet another statistic and asking us to help you plan a trip like this would be just as bad as a drunk asking us to hand over a set of keys.

    Doing an 800-900 mile day once is not a problem, but you can't do it day in and day out. In addition to being exhausting on your body to the point that it is reckless, unless you are on interstate highways, you can't physically cover those kinds of distances in one day anyway.

    Seriously, rethink your plans. You don't need to drive to the point where you are endangering others to have a good trip and see lots of new things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drivingfool View Post
    ................. please help me plan this trip. your opinions is much appreciated
    The very best plan is to follow Michael's advice and make this a memorable roadtrip..... not your last roadtrip.

    Lifey who knows you think you can do it

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    ok then cut the trip in half what are some great routes and sites yall would reccomend

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    Well, Colorado would be a reasonable goal. I think you could head out towards Denver, loop down into New Mexico and then come back across I-40, maybe making some stops in the Ozarks. That's would make for a very full loop that would still keep you driving every day, but not so much that you are doing too much. I don't think Utah or Wyoming are very reasonable, unless you can push this trip to about 2 weeks.

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    thanks for the advice michael. I think your right i need to extend the trip to two weeks to make shure i get all that i want out of it. my main goal is to see some things why i am young cause this oppurtunity may not last forever. I wanna see the salt flats, wild horses, glaciers, canyons, rivers, wateralls and take some dirt road routes.

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    For planning purposes, I'd really suggest that you limit each day's drive to no longer than 500 miles. If you try to push it harder, you will not enjoy the trip like you should.

    I am *NOT* a morning person, but when I take road trips I get up very early - around 6am or so - and try to get on the road before 8. I always try to end my day before sunset. How can you see any sights when it's dark? Not only that, out West there is a lot of open range, and a lot of BLACK cows that use the roads........kinda hard to see them in the dark.

    If you are going to be camping, it does take a bit of time to put up and strike your camp - and trying to put up a tent when it's dark can be a hassle. If you are all set up at a reasonable hour, there's nothing more relaxing than sitting in a folding chair on your site and looking at the stars for a while, enjoying a snack or a meal, and possibly a beverage.

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