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  1. Default Road trip San Francisco-Redwood Nat'l Park - Crater Lake Nat'l Park - Advice please!

    Hello, I am planning a 4-day road trip along the North coast of California, the redwoods and finishing in Crater Lake, Oregon.

    I would be leaving from San Francisco on Thursday evening and have to get back home on Monday night.

    How would you plan the trip? What places are a must? Where should I sleep. The only thing sure -- I have a reservation in a campground in the Redwood National Park for Saturday. The rest is to be planned. I would appreciate any ideas.


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    Default How Would I Plan?

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    One of the main points of a RoadTrip is that it can and should be individualized to the person making it, so you are actually asking the right question in seeking information on how you should plan your trip. I generally start well ahead of the trip scouring the web, maps, and other sources for things to see and do in the general area I'll be and/or along the route I'll be taking. This can start with simple searches on {townname tourism OR attraction} and following the links to wherever they lead. Get a good map of your travel area and look for parks, forests or refuges as well as historic sites (if such appeal to you) and check those out. Use the Search function on the second green toolbar at the top of this page to find discussions of the places you'll be going and be sure to follow the links to Similar Threads at the bottom of each page. There is no shortage of interesting venues no matter where you're traveling and certainly not along the California/Oregon coast. For places to stay, you can either just wing it, and find a motel or campground wherever you happen to be as evening falls, or figure out a rough schedule and look for places to stay ahead of time. There are advantages to either method, so choose whichever works best for you. In these economic times and this late in the season, you can be pretty well assured of being able to find someplace to rest your head. With all that out of the way, comes the best part, the enjoyment of the RoadTrip that you planned expressly for you.


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