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    My girlfriend and I are planning a road trip for next summer. It's going to be an estimated 4k miles, spread over about a month and a half. We will be going up the California coast, through the bottom of Oregon, through the middle of Idaho, down the west side of Wyoming, down the middle/west part of Colorado, the top of Arizona, and back to LA. The vast majority of the trip will be spent camping/hiking. This is our first time planning a road trip and would appreciate any tips/advice. Specifically we are concerned about overall cost of the trip as our budget is not exactly the biggest.

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    ...camping as your primary accommodation, and preparing most of your own meals, you should probably count on about $100/day for the two of you as a rule-of-thumb estimate for costs. That should also get you gas and a National Parks Pass, but not air fair or car rental which will be extra. For more details of what to consider when preparing your budget, have a read through this enumeration and then check out these tips for reducing costs to a minimum.

    As far as recommendations of what to see, you're talking about roughly a third of the country, far too big an area abd is as yet too generalized to list even a significant proportion of the possibilities for. Just poke around the forums, use the Search function and follow the links to Similar Threads at the bottom of most discussions.


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