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    Default 9-12 month across country trip


    I am planning a long road trip to visit the majority of the USA. I have worked in National Parks for the last 10 years and I am ready to relax and see our great nation.

    Looking for any tips you may have for me or perhaps if you would be interested in tagging along for a part of the trip.

    Easy going 33 year old guy, who enjoys things outside of normal life. Love to camp, grill, read, wine and making new friends or checking out new places.

    Drop me a line.


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    Default a bit of a different animal

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It is great that you're able to get away on such a long trip, while that certainly is great, these trips do have some special things to consider.

    First, I'm curious what you are budgeting for this trip? Beyond on the road for up to a year certainly could get expensive. Are you planning to spend all of your time enjoying yourself, or will you be working along the way too - and if so what will you be doing for work?

    The other thing I would really think about is how long you're going to be spending in places. Are you going to try to be moving alot, or will you be spending several weeks in some areas?

    I will also say that as much fun as this trip will be, being gone for that long could get a little old after awhile. If you get to the point where you are just ready to be home, that certainly can be part of your trip too!

    Hopefully you'll enjoy looking around this site, and if you have more specific questions, feel free to ask!

  3. Default I'm interested

    My budget would not allow anywhere near that long (unless you were stopping and working throughout the trip) but I was planning on taking off in a few weeks & having a roadtrip myself, so I would be interested in possibly meeting up or at least hearing your plan ...... thanks
    32yo WF

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    Default Also traveling

    I am also traveling the states (and abroad) this year while taking a sabbatical from my "real life"! :) I'd be interested in meeting up as well, as I have no set plan and am actually just wandering.
    (37 yo WF - but acts younger!)

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