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    I have been planning a trip to Chicago for New Years Eve. I plan on taking two days to drive the distance. I am staying in down town Chicago. I am not sure if I should buy show chains or snow tires or what precautions I should take on the trip. I have never driven up North During the Winter. Any help would be great. Thanks

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    There is no reason to buy chains for this trip, as you won't be doing any serious mountain driving, and without experience, they wouldn't be much help to you anyway. If you have all season tires, I certainly wouldn't both with buying a set of snow tires just for one trip. I'd worry more about practicing basic winter driving safety

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    Not to discourage you from taking a road trip, but have you compared the cost of driving your car and a night on the road each way (and parking fees in downtown Chicago) to the cost of a round trip plane ticket and public transportation to/from the hotel? It sounds to me like all you want to do is get to Chicago and back - and solo, driving is a very inefficient way to do that. To make a road trip worthwhile, you have to consider the total experience, and a 2 day speed run each way doesn't allow for much of anything except sightseeing through your windshield and possibly getting delayed by bad weather that time of year.

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