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  1. Default Morro Bay through Death Valley to Las Vegas

    Hello all.As part of a long RTA, my wife and I will be at Morro Bay, Ca, and I would like to take a scenic route through Death Valley to get to Las Vegas. I don't like the AAA route I have and would appreciate any recommendations. Also, will food and fuel be a concern along the way? Thanks for your input!

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    Default The 'Locals' Route

    There is a route on secondary roads from Death Valley to las Vegas through Pahrump that may be more to your liking. It is described in some detail about three-quarters of the way through this post.


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    Go from Morro Bay to Bakersfield - you have a choice of routes here, I'd probably take 58 for scenery - then take 178 up through Lake Isabella to 395 to get to Death Valley. I'd probably eat, stock up on snacks and water, and top off the gas tank in Bakersfield.

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