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  1. Default Indy to San Fran-Please HELP!

    Hello road trip connoisseurs. My friend and I plan on leaving this Thursday, September 3rd, from Indianapolis to San Francisco.

    We only have at least 4 days for the trip but want to stop at as many off the beaten path spots as possible!

    First question, what highways should we take? We were thinking about just taking I-80 all the way. Good decision or bad?

    Second question, assuming we do take I-80, where should we be sure to stop to eat and just see?

    I've got nothing so your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Default No Time

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    At a shade over 2200 miles for the trip, even if you took 4 full days for the drive, you'd be right at our recommended upper limit of 550 miles a day for a multiple day RoadTrip. The fact is, you really don't have time to be wandering off the main Interstates in search of adventure. That being said, you do have time for and should definitely make a number of rest stops at relaxing and seldom visited parks along the way.

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    Yeah, we plan on stretching it out because I fly back from San Francisco the following Wednesday and wanted to spend at least 2 full days there.

    But do you think I-80 would be better visually than I-90 or any other possible route?

    I have a great Nikon Digital SLR Camera and want to make the most out of it.

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    Default You can't beat I-70

    For my money you can't beat I-70, the most scenic highway on the continent. Since you will have little or no time to go wandering, why not enjoy the country from the highway. You will find just so many places in Colorado and Utah to put your camera to good use.

    Then there is The Loneliest Highway (50) across Nevada, taking you to Reno, the biggest little city, and onto San Francisco from there.

    One of my favourite routes.

    Lifey recommends it

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    Default Nebraska v. Kansas

    I've been on I-80 from Quad Cities to Cheyenne before and it's an absolutely easy drive. If you like trains, follow US-30 though Nebraska, I have a couple of Union Pacific train photos that are my best by far. US-30 from Gothenburg to North Platte is an easy stretch here.

    If you go I-70 through the Rockies, bypass Denver and get into the mountains. There are plenty of beautiful places to stop for rest and great photos. I-70 in eastern Utah is kinda nice too, I've only been there once and found a rest stop with quite a unique view (I think it was the first one westbound in Utah).

    I would vote for I-80 in Nebraska v. I-70 in Kansas.

    My trip westbound twice was:
    Indianapolis to Quad Cities to Cheyenne to Denver and then US-50 back from Pikes Peak.

    I-70 from Indianapolis to Moab, Utah and back the same way.

    Have fun, but take your time. Stop in places you wouldn't think of getting scenery pictures (like rest stops) sometimes they surprise you.

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