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    Default Dallas/Ft worth, southwest adeventure October

    October 5 through 12 I will be flying into Dallas and purchasing boondockmobile. I intend to troll around the southwest before I have to make my way back to Wisconsin by October 12. I'm just wondering if anyone knows of anything interesting occurring in the region during that time frame. Does it get too cold to camp overnight in a van? Any advice for a first time boondocker?

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    Default define southwest

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Southwest usually means Arizona, New Mexico, Utah - and that would be a pretty big detour, especially with your relatively short time frame. Not impossible, but you'll easily be more than doubling your mileage home if that's what you mean. Just for perspective sake, its actually a shorter distance from Dallas to Milwaukee than from Dallas to Phoenix. Temperature wise, October is usually pretty nice in most of the country, but if you are at a higher elevation, it could get quite cool at night.

    As far as boondocking goes, there is a whole article in our planning section specifically about it, and if you do a search of this site you'll find several other tips about the practice!

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    Default Truck Stops

    If you want to just pull over and park somewhere, and sleep in the car, truck stops are the way to go. Their restrooms are available to all. Most have good shower facilities for a fee. And the majority have restaurants. Those which welcome RVs have special places to park, though often you will find a spot at the back of the car parking area. I would not park at a truck stop which does not welcome RVs, and not all do.

    One great investment you can make is to purchase the National Truck Stop Directory. It gives all the details as to whether a given truck stop has the facilities you are looking for. You can then plan your trip accordingly.

    Lifey who found it to be an invaluable resource

    p.s. The Truck Stop Directory and the RVer's friend are the same book with different covers.

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