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    Hi. Me and my friend want to rent a car and make some round trip through west coast and a little bit east. We want to pick up the car from LA, then vistit such places as Mohave NP, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Las Vegas, Death Valley, Yosemite, San Francisco and go back to LA... We are not from US, so It would be very nice to hear any suggestions and advices from experienced Americans;) Maybe we should skip some locations in order to see something more interesting... What we are looking for are some nice national parks when we can sleep in some tent, some old roads going through some good looking nature, but also worthseeing bigger cities as eg. above. The fact is, we would prefer to see rather virgin nature than skyscrapers... We would appreciate any suggestions and help with plannig our trip. Thanks

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    Default change?

    I'm confused, have you changed your plans to travel route 66? What are you looking at for available days and money for this trip?

    I will say that there are thousands upon thousands of posts on this forum with a ton of information about the places you want to visit. I would encourage you to start by looking around and searching the forum to get some more background about these places. Once you have some of the general information, come back and we'll be glad to help you with any specific questions you might have.

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    yes, we have changed plans because of high costs of returning car to the different location. We have already made a look through other posts, and find out we shoul vistit places like above. But as I wrote, we want to make some specific circle, and also visit some virgin American places...

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    Default specifics

    I guess I'm not sure what your specific questions are at this point. It sounds to me like you are looking for basic information about these places, and you can find a whole lot of that just by looking around, instead of asking people to repeat what's already been said dozens upon dozens of times on this forum. I'll also note that you have not said what your budget and timeframe are here, so that additionally will make any response a challenge.

    By all means, if you've come up with a basic itinerary, we'd love to see it and if we have suggestions to improve or add to your plan, we'll be happy to provide them. If you've got some specific questions about these places that you've listed, we can help with that too. But right now, you've just given us a list of places, and without knowing more about you and what you've already come up with, its going to be hard for anyone to give you a whole lot of useful information.

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    the fact is, it is hard for me to gain every single information about places we want to see. We just need advices like 'there is really worthseeing piece of rural nature 40 miles away from Grand Canion, you shoul really see it'. We know just the basic things about America and want to hear more from someone more experienced. Our budget for one person is like 40-50$ per day, only for food and lodgings. It would be also nice to hear about the cheepest car rental in LA.Or mabe is it worth to change the location to San Francisco or LV?

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    Default just go

    Well, $100 a day total isn't a ton of money for a trip like this. You'll easily need $50 a day for motels, $30 for food for 2 people would be pretty frugal, and throw in $20 for gas, and your budget is gone.

    There is no single one place or company that will always be best for rental cars. Even city wise, no one can say if you'd say if LA would be cheaper than SF or Vegas. There are too many variables and prices change too often. You'll really just have to shop as many places as you can find to see where you can get the best quote for your specific trip.

    We really don't believe in "must sees" and when you are talking about a trip that covers a several hundred square miles, you're just asking a bit much for people to throw out these ideal little perfect world places that no one else has ever heard of. Certainly, you may find some little gems as you look around this site and read the many other thread about this part of the world, but in general, you really just need to get out there to find the sorts of "unknown" places you hope to find.

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