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    Default backup camera systems for RVs

    Does anyone have any experience with one or another rear vision or back-up camera and monitor systems? There are a lot of different ones and it is hard to choose.
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    Default A Lot Less Expensive

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    Such units can be gotten very inexpensively. A quick net search on {backup camera system} found several units that you can install yourself for $100 or less, including from very reputable manufacturers. Spending 3-10 times more than that just doesn't seem warranted.


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    My daughter's Mercs have had these in them for some time. I find that she seems to concentrate on the camera, and not really pay enough attention to her mirrors. One of these days I can see her hitting a tree or gate post with the side of the car, or a low overhanging branch. All of which are out of the camera's view.

    My vehicle has a Fresnel Lens. It is considerably cheaper, does not require installation, allows me to see everything behind the vehicle and does not take my attention away from the mirrors.

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