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  1. Default Central Washington to Tuscon

    Bing Maps tells me the way to go is via the Great Basin Highway. We're planning to leave ~Dec 10 & return ~Dec. 19. Need we worry about snow/ice? It looks pretty desolate! I did find some pictures taken in December and it seemed benign -- was the photographer just lucky?

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    Default Never been there, but........'s a bit hard to predict weather 100 days in advance.

    Hello sgb,

    The quick glance I took at US 93 (not US 93 Alt) from southern NV up through Wells and into Idaho makes me want to drive it myself. That said, my trip would be a leisurely one with lots of dirt road side-trip explorations which would necessitate full bivouac gear, etc.

    I'd be interested to see what the mileage difference would be just sticking to I-15 through southwest and western UT and I-84 at Ogden up into ID. If the difference isn't great, I'd probably choose that route, simply due to "safety in numbers" and the great tendency for professional and immediate snow removal to keep the road open. The I-15/I-84 route also places you closer to repair and even medical services in the event those would be needed.

    Elevation is your real challenge, even in early December. There are a few segments of I-15 in Utah, roughly between St George and Provo, which are in the 4,000 to 5,000' range. The Salt Lake basin itself is 4,000'. I suspect much of the Great Basin, especially where the highways run in between the ranges, is in the 4,000' range. So, I doubt that staying on I-15 adds materially to elevations traversed, solidifying it as my choice for a December speed run.


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