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    My Wife and I are driving from Minneapolis to Glacier National Park next week. We are just wondering which route is "prettier": US Hwy 2 through the northern part of the state or MT-Hwy 200 through the middle of the state. They both look to be relatively equivalent on time we are just wondering gives you a better view of Montana. If it helps at all we like looking at Mtn's more than plains, but would rather drive on plains than through Mtn's :)

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    I've taken MT-200, but I haven't taken US-2 across Montana so I can't give you much for a direct comparison. However, the reality is that they both travel across the same general land area - just separated by 50 miles or whatever the north/south distance is between them. The details are certainly different, but you aren't going to see any large differences in major features like mountains vs plains.

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    On my return from Alaska, I drove from I-15 (near Glacier NP) to St Paul MN along Hwy 2 across MT and ND. I had read about it in a book entitled Road Trip USA, and even though the author - Jamie Jensen - described the drive through ND as dull, I found it anything but. It is an interesting and relaxing drive. I enjoyed it.

    If you would like to read more about my trip on Hwy 2, go to post #59 in my report.

    Lifey who loves the secondary highways

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    Then MT-200 is a tertiary highway. I've driven MT-200 between Lewiston and Glendive, and while it's true that part of that nearly 250 miles is technically on US-87, it's also true that there is not a whole lot of civilization on that stretch. This is gorgeous Big Sky country through semi-badlands terrain with a lot of wide open cattle ranches and a few market towns mostly at the eastern end. You could see as few as a half dozen cars on that entire stretch of highway. I loved it. My passenger (my mother) got a bit nervous. Just make sure that if you go this way you leave Lewiston or Jordan with a full tank of gas and four good tires.


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