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    Default Scenic West Coast Roadtrip

    Hi everyone, first timer here.
    I'm planning a road trip for my girlfriend and I and I was wondering if you could go over my route with me? Here is a Google Map layout of the general route we'll be taking.

    It a LA-SF-Seattle-Las Vegas-SD-LA trip. How long would you suggest staying at each location(I have about 10-14 days) and if there are any interesting sights we should see? We're planning to check out a few wineries as well. I'm thinking about taking a stop at Yosemite and then to Vegas? How are the road conditions(curves, hills, etc.) on the Tioga Pass?

    Thanks a bunch, I really appreciate it.

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    The first thing I would ask is are you okay with spending 8 hours per day driving, because that's about what this comes out to over the course of 10 days. Factor in staying in one place for a couple of days, and your 14 day option starts to make a lot more sense.

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    Yes, definitely. Driving for that long isn't too big of an issue. We'll be alternating.

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    Default Tioga pass.

    The Tioga pass is not to bad at all for curves etc and is a well maintained paved road. If you have the time to spare I would have a night in Yosemite and continue to Vegas via Death valley, great scenery. Mount Ranier, Mount St Helen's and Crater lake would be options on the way back down. If you can take 14 days for the trip it will make a big difference into not making it feel not quite so rushed.

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