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  1. Default Road trip from Chicago to Seattle in the spring.

    Me, my brother and my father is planing a roadtrip from Chicago to Seattle.

    The plan so far is to visit Badlands national park, Yellowstone, Glacier national park and Mount Rainer. We are planing on driving in May.

    We have 2-3 weeks to use on the trip. We plan to stay a day or two in Chicago before we start the trip, because we are flying in from Norway.

    Anny sugestion for a route, roads to choose, is much appreciated

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    Default So Many Resources

    Velkommen! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The beauty of this website is the wealth of information that you can find on RoadTrips just about anywhere in the U.S. Let me point you to just of few of the resources here. Besides the Badlands, be sure to investigate these other South Dakota sites. Between there and Yellowstone, you might want to take I-90/US-212 to visit the Little Bighorn Battlefield and drive the Beartooth Highway. Finally, from Glacier to Seattle, if you have the time, consider using US-2 all the way. This will largely depend on if it's open through Glacier where it's known as Going to the Sun Road. Besides such major venues and roads, also try to check out some of the lesser known attractions which are sprinkled all along America's highways. For even more ideas, follow the links to 'Similar Threads' below.


  3. Default The western cost

    Thanks for a lot of great tips! I am reading them at the moment.

    Whould driving south to Eugene and then driving the 101 up a long the western cost to Seattle be a good idea? Instead of driving the US-2 from Glacier to Seattle?

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    Default May in Montana

    Hello Fred83,

    There is a nearly 100% chance the Going-To-The-Sun Highway in Glacier NP will not be open in May. If it opens during that month, it will be due to a light winter snowfall and an early thaw, and it would be likely to open in the last few days of the month. It's often the first week or two of June before it opens.

    I'm not sure of the average opening date for the Beartooth Highway (US 212 between Red Lodge, MT and the Northeast Entrance to Yellowstone at Cooke City). Determining the average opening date and keeping track of updates as the Spring progresses seems like good planning to me.

    Have fun planning and taking your RoadTrip!


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