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    Hi y'all
    My husband and I are coming Stateside next may/june time and have about 18 days to spend on a road trip. For cost reasons we'd like to fly in and out of the same airport but do a round trip. We were thinking of the seattle - vancouver route but are open to more experienced road trippers who could suggest a great road trip.
    Any suggestions would be really appreciated. We'd love to see all of the mighty US but figure it will take us a few trips to cover it all.
    Sitting at my desk at present and dreaming of a great trip to come.....

    Thanks to you all in advance for your help and advice.

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    Default too many options

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    When it comes to something so fundamental as what part of the US to visit, it really is tough to give any good, meaningful advice. Every corner of the US has many great things that are all worth visiting, and there is no way we can know your perferences and interests as well as you do.

    Certainly doing a loop of the Northwest is one of many great options. With 2-3 weeks, you could focus on the doing a trip along the Coast, maybe going down as far as San Francisco and then back up through the inland mountains. You could also head east from there, and explore Yellowstone, Glacier, and the Canadian Rockies as part of a loop.

    Of course, you could also explore the southwest, loops around San Francisco and Las Vegas are very popular, as are trips through Colorado and Utah. You've also got lots of great options along the East Coast and in the Central US. It really just depends what you would be most interested in.

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    Default So much choice...

    Thanks Midwest Michael (where are you from then?)

    We would like to visit Seattle and Vancouver. We really want to spend a few days in each city and have a nice route between the both of them. We like watching sport, walking (nothing too strenuous though), eating and enjoying the company of friendly americans. I like shopping too...a prerequiste for a woman I believe!!!

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    Considering it's only a 2 hour drive between Seattle and Vancouver, you have a lot of options. I'd take a paper map of the US/Canada and draw a 1000 mile circle around Seattle and see what falls in it that you may be interested in.

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