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  1. Default family road trip for summer 2010- all suggestions welcome

    We are planning a family road trip for this summer. This will be our first and any suggestions would be appreciated. We will be leaving from Georgia. We have thought of traveling up the east coast through North Carolina, DC, Boston, Pennsylvania, to Maine. Another thought is to head west through Texas possibly to the Grand Canyon. We have two weeks for the trip and all like small towns, sightseeing, historical sights, and nature. We will be traveling with three teenagers and want to find things that will be interesting, educational, and memorable.

    Right now we are undecided about pulling our travel trailer or staying in motels along the way.

    Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

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    With three teenagers and a taste for the activities indicated, I think you would be much better served by heading northeast rather than west. The Grand Canyon, nice as it is, is quite a ways away, and there are long distances to be covered through Texas and the High Plains with little (but not nothing) that will keep you all interested and engaged. Heading northeast along the Appalachians and/or coast, on the other hand, would offer a worthwhile stop every few hours. With 5 people, you'd probably need at least two motel rooms a night. Let's call that $120-150 on average. If the extra gas, parking/camping fees (say $35), and possibly shower fees less any money you might save by being able to prepare meals in the trailer outweigh that and any inconvenience in having to setup/take down the rig each night, then plan on using the trailer. That's a decision that only you and your party can make.


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