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  1. Default We've postponed our October trip, now dont know when's best to go :(

    Hi All,

    I'm hoping for some advice please - I can't seem to find a definitive answer online about this.

    I had planned a wonderful road trip for my partners 30th birthday - flying into San Francisco late september then doing a clockwise loop of California over 16 days - taking in Death Valley, Vegas, Grand Canyon, across to San Diego then up the PCH to finish off in SF for a couple of days. Unfortunatley due to work commitments, we have had to postpone our trip till next year :(

    My question is - is this trip do-able/worth doing in Springtime? we'd picked fall based on recommendations on it not being too crowded but roads still open and so on. Could we do this same trip in February/March/April or would it be better to wait till later in the year? We're in Ireland so it would be really nice to get some sun on our trip! I've booked flights already so will need to change them soon enough before the penalty for doing so increases even further...

    Thanks in advance,


    edit to add - we were planning on doing the trip in an RV, don't know if that makes any difference weather - wise . thanks!
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    Default Chin up !

    I am sorry to hear your news, what a shame. But looking on the bright side it will all be there waiting for you the next time. If you wanted to go in the Spring I would go April/May time but the main road closure that you would of heard about is the Tioga pass that crosses the Sierra's from Yosemite to Lee vining and down to Death valley This will not be passable due to snow still on the high ground. This is not a major problem because you can head South from Yosemite and go around the Southern edge via Bakersfield but you won't be able to drive up into the "high country" in Yosemite. The "pay off" to all this means that the water falls will be flowing down into the valley floor from the snow melt and is a magnificent sight.
    There is not a definitive answer as to "when should I go" I think you just have to go with your instincts on what will work best for you at this time.

  3. Default thanks for the reply... and adding the link! :)

    Wow that sounds like an amazing sight alright :)

    The reason I was saying Spring is up to mid January is very busy for us both work wise. If people here in the know recommended we went earlier or later in the year (even summer) to get a better all round road trip experience we could certainly do that, its a once in a life time trip and we want it to be as amazing as possible! :)

    We had made some changes to the original plan, dropping Tijuana and spending less time in San Diego, adding a few extra days too.

    Thanks again! :)

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    The thing I love about the Fall is that the high temps and visitor numbers are cooling off and the skies are often clear with wonderful Fall colours, but of course the weather anywhere is unpredictable. During summer the parks will be packed and the Temps in Death valley and Vegas can be sweltering, in Feb and March you can still get winter storms so for me it's late Spring or Fall. The coastal climate see's much less change through the seasons but can go from sun to rain to fog and back to sun at any given time.
    For my last trip and my upcomng one I opted for October but I really want to see those waterfalls so it could be a Spring visit for the one after that!
    Whatever you decide, it will be an amazing experience !

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    Dave you're a rockstar thanks so much!

    Google "weather in California" and all that seems to come up is "California is a great all round destination!" type info which isnt very helpful!

    I'll be sure to update when we have definite plans :)

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