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  1. Default Connecticut to Vegas??

    Hi we are going on a roadtrip from CT to Vegas...

    Are there any "must stop places" we should know about..?

    ..and how long do you think this trip would take if we stopped pretty frequently...?

    **Side note: We are driving to Vegas then flying to Hawaii for a week then back to Vegas and drive back home....anyone know any good long term parking places?(we were thinking the airport...)

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    Since no one can really know what you mean by 'frequently' or how long you would plan to spend at each of those stops, they can't tell you how long such a trip would take. What I can tell you is how long the driving would take, then you can determine how much extra time you have available or want to spend seeing the sights. The most time efficient route from Connecticut to Las Vegas is I-84 to Scranton, I-80 to western Nebraska, I-76 to Denver and then I-70/I-15 the rest of the way. That's a shade over 2600 miles and would take about 5 days to drive comfortably. An alternative route that isn't too much longer would be to leave I-80 at Youngstown, OH and then use I-76/I-71 to connect with I-70 west to St. Louis and then I-44/I-40 to Kingman, AZ, finishing up on US-93 to Las Vegas. That route is less than a hundred miles longer. You could, of course, use one route for the drive to Las Vegas and the other route for the drive home.

    You'll find that we really don't like the terms "best" of "must see" around here. The essence of a great RoadTrip is that you see the things that appeal to you, not just check things off somebody else's list. Still some of the possible highlights of the first route would be Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, the old Oregon Trail, Arches National Park and Zion National Park; and on the second route you could see Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, the Oklahoma City Memorial, the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in St. Louis, and the Delaware Water Gap.

    And probably your best long term parking option is to look at off-airport parking facilities which will offer shuttle service to and from the terminal.


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    Default Parking

    I agree with Buck about the driving part. For the parking part, you might see if your hotel in Vegas will let you park at the hotel while you are gone. Its pretty common for them to let you leave your car there for a little while as long as you are a guest. You'll have to check to make sure, but If you are staying at the same place on both sides of your trip, I'd say they odds are pretty good that you could leave your car there (especially if you are staying at a larger hotel that has its own parking garage.

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