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    My boyfriend and I are planning to do a road trip through Western USA next April. We are from Australia and have only just started planning. We are looking at hiring a RV or campervan and travelling for about 2 1/2 weeks. We are interested in spending more time in the National Parks and seeing the sites rather than spending time in the big cities...

    At the moment we are looking at doing a loop from San Francisco clockwise and then up the coast. This is a rough list of the places that we have put on the wish list....

    San Francisco
    Yosemite NP
    Death Valley
    Las Vegas
    Bryce NP
    Zion NP
    Grand Canyon
    LA (and back up the coast to San Fran)

    We found a campervan site
    which we thought looked ok.. but as we have never travelled over there before any advice would be appreciated...

    Do we have enough time to see all of the above places... Is there anywhere we have missed???? How long would we be able to spend in each place taking into consideration travelling...

    Thanks alot - any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Kylie :)

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    Default Tioga pass.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You have enough time to get around the places you have mentioned but the main Sierra crossing, the Tioga pass [CA 120] between Yosemite and Death valley will still be closed due to snow. However you can go around the Southern end of the Sierra's via Bakersfield and as this is the case you could also include Sequoia NP on your list. One thing you could consider is to reverse your trip so that you head down the coast to LA first which puts all the Ocean views on your side of the road.
    I have heard of Lostcampers but have had no dealings with them but with just two of you travelling they seem to do a good job of bridging the gap between a "normal car/van rental" and the cost of an RV, and are rarely found in the US.

    You can find opening and closing details of the Tioga pass here. You can even take a shot at guessing when it might close for the winter season and if you get lucky win some road trip gas. You can find lots of info throughout the forums and road trip planning pages by using the search button but here are a few to get you started, including our own RV trip. As you build your trip keep asking questions along the way and we can help piece it together.
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