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    Default Passes and Memberships

    We could probably use a thread to talk about National Park and State Park passes; how they work and the advantages thereof (and things of that ilk).

    This posting is about something a little different, but still travel related.

    Linda and I recently joined the Asian Art Museum in SF; as we're local and this is the sort of place we would take visiting guests... making a membership (with guest privileges) a good deal for us.

    This week we recieved our permanent membership cards, and found on the back a little gold sticker that reads "NORTH AMERICAN RECIPROCAL". In researching this further here, I find there are 300-odd museums across North America where I can now be treated as a "member", with free or discounted admissions.

    If you're a museum junky, with a local museum you frequent, it might be worthwhile to see if they're a member of this program, and join. That way on road trips you may have free access to museums of interest.

    That said, I haven't tried this yet, but will soon (and report back on any difficulties).

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    Default Zoos too

    I know several Zoos also offer a similar program that lets you visit zoos across the country with your membership. Of course, I don't go to zoos often enough and when I do go, its typically because there is free or reduced admission, so I've never really looked into it, but it could be a good deal.


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