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  1. Default Driving from Las Vegas to San Francisco

    Hello all,

    I plan on driving from Las Vegas to San Francisco (Foster City actually) later this week. Unfortunately, my girlfriend and I only have 12-15hours to complete the trip which places a constraint on most sightseeing, if any at all. One idea would be to visit Death Valley. Another idea would be to cut through Bakersville and take Route 1 all the way up. Any info and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    We'll be back in October with a less constrained schedule and more time to sightsee.

    Many thanks,


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    Default reality

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Honestly, with if you've just got one day to make the trip, I would skip any extra sightseeing and just make the drive. Taking the direct route down I-5 to Bakersfield and across is already a full 10 hour day on the road. Maybe you could add in the detour to Death Valley, but in reality, trying to do that, or drive the coast, or do really much else means you're just going to be putting on extra miles, making for an extremely long day on the road, without having time to actually see anything. I just don't think it would be worth it.

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    Fastest route from Las Vegas to Foster City is 557 miles, this right there will take you 10 to 12 hours. That is I-15/CA-58/CA-99/CA-46/CA-152/US-101. Something a bit more scenic that will add about 1 hour and 35 miles is stay on CA-46 to US-101.

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    Thank you guys. We'll probably take the fastest route there with a stop at Death Valley. Hopefully, it'll take no more than 15 hours.

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    Default it will

    I can assure you that simply based on the distance you are hoping to travel, and the roads you'll have to be using to get there, you will be looking at a minimum of 15 hours on the road. This is a 700 mile trip when you add in the Death Valley detour, you'll need that amount of time just to drive through with no more than a brief stop. If you wanted to actually see anything in Death Valley beyond what's at the side of the road, you could easily be looking at 18 or more hours for this trip.

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    Default How was your trip?

    Hi Alex!

    So how was your trip? I'm doing the exact opposite of you..going from FC to LV in October. Which route did you take and how long did it take you?

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